8.5 vol %

OTTO’s RED LADY – Late Harvest (375 ml)

91 Points – GOLDMEDAL
Histamine value "not detectable"*

OTTO’s “Red Lady” is a Red Late Harvest wine made of fine Blaufraenkisch und Pinot Noir grapes from highest quality! A fruity and sweet wine with wonderful nose to red berries, cherries and sour-cherries! Good lenght!

Histamine: “not detectable” <0.1 mg/l (tested by: Federal Dept. for Wine, A-7000 Eisenstadt) (Histamine seems to be the main reason for people with an intolerance, to cause headache or get erythema – therefore a “not detectable” value should allow them the consumption.)

GOLDMEDAL – 91 Points, Int. Organic Wine Challenge 2018

Alc. 8.5 % Vol.
Res.Sugars: 79,5 g/l
Acidity: 6 g/l

Prädikatswein sweet, Late Harvest L-N12261/18, Austrian Wine, Burgenland, AT-BIO-302


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* Histaminwert – unter 0,1 mg/l (geprüft vom Bundesamt für Weinbau, Eisenstadt)

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