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Rarity: Icewine Furmint 2020, only now: 2 + 1 Free!

93 Punkte GOLDMEDAILLE Int. Bioweinpreis 2021
Perfect as a gift & to enjoy by yourself !
1 year delayed but we do celebrate:
50 Years Icewine at HAFNER Estate (same time it a 50 Years celebration for Icewine in Austria, as we have been the first producers of this frosty speciality!)
On 30th Feb. 2023 we did harvest vintage 2022 of Icewine Furmint! (the real anniversary vintage would have been 2021, but last year there was no Icewine production possible, because of the warm weather conditions).
Our anniversary offer:
the latest Icewine bottled: Furmint 2020 – 375ml Organic/Koscher/Vegan/Histamin-friendly
ONLY NOW 2+1 free and free delivery in Austria and Germany for only €49.00
are rare specialty of HAFNER – the original – the first producers of Icewine in Austria (1971)

The Icewine harvest of 2020 was very limited again. Only a few Icewines could be harvested. We at HAFNER Winery could celebrate another innovation: the first Icewine made from the traditional sweet-wine-variety “Furmint” was made! World wide the first one! The furmint grape is used in Hungary for the famous Tokaij-wine but as an Icewine, it is new!

Harvestd by hand, 4 months after the regular harvest time, in the first night which offered less than -8°C /17.5 F: the 12. January 2021  

Great complexity! Fine nose to ripe apples and peaches. Good balanced with a typical touch of freeze and ice. A easy going wine with a complex and balanced body. Nice sweetness and acidity therefore best choice for desserts and cakes with fruits, 

Icewine, Praedikatswein, L-N16340/21 Burgenland, Austrian wine, contains sulfites. bottled 07.06.1921

375 ml bottle
Alc. 10 % Vol.
sugar content: 116 g/l
acidity: 6,2 g/l

Video: Tasting with the vintner


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* Histaminwert – unter 0,1 mg/l (geprüft vom Bundesamt für Weinbau, Eisenstadt)

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