8,8 vol %

T.B.A. Essencia Chardonnay 1999 “Grand Reserve”, (375 ml)

375 ml

This proves the long-life of a great TBA wine! 

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This great wine was aged for 7 years in big oak casks before we started bottling. A grandios spectrum of ripe fruits and many layers of flavours are combined with a certain elegance – whereby the wine is even 10 years after bottling still astonishingly juvenil!

DOUBLE GOLD AWARD – Mediterranean Wine Challange 2008
DOUBLE GOLD Award – Terravino, Israel 2008
91 Pts. Burgenland Sweet Wine Competition (Prädikatsweinforum)

T.B.A. Trockenbeerenauslese “Essencia”, Prädikatswein, control no. L-E6569/06, Kosher for Passover, NOT MEVUSHAL, enthält Sulfite/contains sulfites

Alc: 8,8 % Vol.
Residual Sugar: 229,4 g/l
Acidity: 8,7 g/l


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* Histaminwert – unter 0,1 mg/l (geprüft vom Bundesamt für Weinbau, Eisenstadt)

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